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We train mainly with Microsoft software. Our trainers are Microsoft Certified Trainers with several years of experience in conducting trainings.

If your topic is missing from the list, let us know – we may be able to help you or recommend someone.

Do you need to create new databases or a program / system, perform analyzes or integrate databases of several systems, optimize files, automate processes and document flow in a company?Or maybe create a sensible dashboard and automate reporting in the company?

Contact us and describe your needs – we will make an effort to help you.

Is there a mess in your management, data and file flow? Is there an issue with lack of standardization, system integration? Often a lot of work is unnecessarly being done to prepare reports that should be generated automatically.

If one of those sounds familiar – you need an expert who is going to tidy it up. 


We can organize trainings for companies everywhere. No matter how far you are. Write to us – we will set the date, training needs group and the cost of training. The course will be 100% tailored to your needs.

Is self-development important for you? Sign up for one of the open training courses! We organize them in: Tri-City, Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Poznan and Katowice.

In remote training, participants participate in course using our virtual training machines on the screen of their own computers.

Author’s annual online courses on the Level Up platform.

The participant receives a calendar, login and password for our platform and daily receives a new task to complete and instructions on how to do it.

This is the best way to stay in touch with the program and effective long-term learning.

Don’t you like standard hours?

We invite you to evening trainings from 4:30 pm to 8 pm.

Does your position or operating mode not allow you to combine work and study?

There is no trouble! We can also organize all of the above trainings on weekends.


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Clients reviews

“The lecturers are enthusiasts who know their stuff. Interesting examples showing how the software works. Detailed teaching materials. The lecturers willingly helped in the tasks”.

Power Bi Meeting + SQL Oracle
Training dedicated to a special group in the company

 “A lively and interesting way to convey information. An enthusiastic approach. Willingness to take into account the needs of participants. Adaptation of the training mode to the group’s expectations”.

Microsoft Excel 2016

“Teacher’s involvement, high level of knowledge, substantive way of conducting. Help from the teacher. Step by step method”.

Logistics Department
Microsoft Excel for Logistics
“A clear, concise form of knowledge transfer; individual help in solving problems; the ability to get a quick answer to every question asked; emphasis on functions used at work.

Definitely one of the best trainings I’ve ever been to!”.
PR Depertment
Business Presentations and Public Speeches 2017

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